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These Root Values are what I consider to be the very ground of my work.
Here you will find a simple definition followed by how I feel I embody each of these principles in my practice and service to you.
Tree Planting

AHIMSA अहिंसा

Ahimsa translates to non-harming. 
This ancient South Asian principle of non-harming in thought, speech and action applies to all living beings, the environment and ourselves. It also calls for proactive engagement in compassionate service, advocacy, and activism.

✺ Prioritise the physical, mental, and emotional health of clients, recognising the interconnectedness of these aspects.

✺ Continuously seeking to improve my knowledge to provide the best guidance to my clients.
✺ A duty to remain within my scope of practice and refer clients to other professionals when needed.

✺ A commitment to protecting the planet by standing against exploitation through personal action, projects and charity support.


A quality of being real or genuine. Living life in such a way that remains true to your values, regardless of the pressure to act otherwise.

✺ Genuine, honest, and transparent interactions.

✺ Endeavour to continue my own development by maintaining my personal practice and sādhanā.

✺ A contemplative yoga practice, which is steeped in contemporary science and research as well as philosophy and community.



A deepening of awareness and understanding. The act of showing kindness and empathy to others and yourself.

✺ Person-centred care, which includes conscious and compassionate listening.
✺ Sensitivity to the difficulties of others and what they may be experiencing while continuing to honour boundaries.
✺A commitment to continuing to cultivate understanding and compassion. 


 Feeling respected, supported, valued and focusing on individual needs. Creating a welcoming environment that embraces differences and offers respect for everybody.

✺ Aim to create an environment that respects and celebrates diversity and ability, ensuring that everyone feels valued.
✺ An active supporter of anti-racism, feminism and LGBTQ+ rights.

Fun at Yoga


Simple and creative living.

✺ Ensure that clients find the process accessible, sustainable, and manageable.

✺ An advocate for balanced living, including both energetic activity and transformative rest. 

✺ Mindful living, making time for the things that matter most, enjoying time with loved ones, and dwelling in nature and stillness. 

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